Is Trust the Most Important Asset in Your Workplace?

We all know how important trust is in relationships, both in the workplace and in in our personal lives. But as business leaders, are we continuously building, nourishing and preserving this valuable commodity? Do we consider it an indispensable component of the culture of our business?

Unfortunately, many business leaders do not recognize the importance of trust. That is why it’s rare to see customers become “raving fans” who would otherwise come back to us time and time again. We see employees leave their jobs because their leaders are not trustworthy. We see conflict within work teams, all because of this fundamental lack of trust.

How can I promote trust in my business?

Fortunately, any person or business leader can build a culture of trust if they have the right intentions and exercise a firm commitment to carrying out their promises.

A picture of a great company culture is one in which relationships are built on clear commitments made and kept. This Forbes article by David Williams (“The Most Valuable Business Commodity: Trust”) focuses in on the 5 major questions business leaders should ask themselves while pursuing this culture of trust.

  1. Commitment. Are team members committed to keeping their obligations?
  2. Accountability. Do employees hold their peers accountable for their commitments?
  3. Circumstances. What should leaders do when circumstances cause people to fail to keep their commitments?
  4. Promises. Do team members consider promises to customers as important as promises to their peers?
  5. Forgiveness. Is everyone at your organization willing to forgive themselves and one another?

What is the current level of trust in your company? Have the courage to find out. The experts at Business Consulting of NH can assist you with our experience, objectivity, and unbiased approach. Once you have identified the areas of distrust in your company and have raised everyone’s awareness, take prompt corrective action! We’re here to help you along the path to workplace harmony and trust. Call us at 603-763-9770 or contact us online today.